Tahini (Sesame) Sauce




Although very plain looking, this sauce bursts with flavours which are typical to Mediterranean cooking. Full of garlicky goodness, this sauce goes well with Falafel, shawarma, Mediterranean grill or even with plain Pita bread. It is quite easy to whip and can be adjusted to one’s preferences. You can easily manipulate the amount of ingredients to cater to your taste.

All you need is minced garlic.



Some sesame paste (tahini) and lemon juice and you are good to go.



You can stop here if you like but I like the sauce a bit thinner. The lemon juice tends to thicken the sesame paste, so you can easily add some water to thin it. Also tahina (sesame paste) is available in bottles in many stores that carry Arabic food stuff, but if you can’t find it there is no problem. You can easily make some of your own and I am going to tell you how.


1/2 cup Tahina paste (sesame paste)

juice of half a lemon

4-5 garlic cloves


1/2 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 cup sesame seeds (for those who do not have ready-made sesame paste)


Mince garlic cloves. Add the tahina in a bowl and mix with the garlic. Add in salt and lemon juice. Whisk it thoroughly. It will get real thick. Add in olive oil and whisk. If it is your desired consistency then leave it otherwise add in water a little at a time, whisking in between. Thin it to your desired consistency. Adjust salt and lemon juice according to taste.

For those of you who do not have the ready made tahina, just roast the sesame seeds in a pan or in oven for around 8-10 mins. The oil will come out a bit and it will be easier to make it into a paste. If you do not want to roast it and want to keep the paste white rather than brown, then do not roast. Grind the seeds in a food processor with just about half a teaspoon of vegetable oil. This oil will help in grinding it well. The paste can be stored in an air tight jar for making the tahini sauce or even for making hummus etc.




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