So Say We All!

This geeky cake was made for husband dear’s birthday who is such a wanna-be geek 🙂 It is his favourite chocolate cake with a deep, rich chocolate-y flavour and heavenly chocolate smell. And of course the theme was his favourtite TV series “Battle Star Galactica”. So this one’s for all the BSG fans that I know 🙂 I made the BSG logo and somehow couldn’t fit the whole “”Battle Star Galactica”so placed a mother ship instead (hopefully it does look like a mother ship :D). And as I didn’t have any more energy left for finer details so just cut out some circles and made cylon radars out of them to stick around the cake. Not so perfect but hubby dear was happy so good enough for me 🙂

The cake is best eaten after it has cooled down or you can cool it down in the refrigerator. To keep the cake moist, you can soak it with a bit of sugar syrup or this time around I used freshly brewed coffee. Coffee enhances the flavour of chocolate a lot. You won’t know even know if there is any coffee in the cake. even though i have tried other recipes for chocolate cakes, this one is by far the most rich in flavour yet easy to make and light as well. So without further ranting here’s the recipe:


350 gms. caster sugar

175 gms. self-raising flour (or just measure out 175 gms. of all-purpose flour and add in 2 teaspoons of baking powder. This is what I do)

100 gms. cocoa powder

175 ml. of milk

175 ml. of sunflower or corn oil

3 large eggs

a healthy pinch of baking soda

a teaspoon of vanilla essence


Preheat oven at 180 degrees celsius. In a large bowl, sift the flour, cocoa powder and soda. Mix. Add in the sugar and mix with the help of a spatula till combined.

In another bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk and oil. Tip this mixture in the dry ingredients and mix with a spatula till combined. Add in the vanilla. Pour batter in two 8 inch round pans or one 9 inch deep pan. Don’t forget to grease and flour the pans. Bake for about 20 minutes if kept in two pans or 35 minutes if in a 9 inch pan. As oven temperatures may vary, you need to check if the cake is done beforehand. Cool on racks keeping the cakes upside down. This will prevent a dome from forming. Let the cake cool. Moisten it with sugar syrup or freshly brewed coffee if desired. This moistening will give the cake a fudge cake flavour. Frost as desired.

Here’s a look of the cake from the top.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ash Aapi says:

    You are such a Pro! This should be preserved and not eaten at all.
    Shuker hai motay ka fav. Star wars nahi hai lol

    1. nfatima says:

      thankoo thankooo :$

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