Spicy, cool raita

Raita is a spicy chutney made by seasoning yogurt. You can serve it with anything or for giving bland food some taste but it goes splendidly with pilaf (chicken, mutton, veggie anything). Here’s how to make it:

Take 2-3 roughly chopped green chillies (don’t add more than one if the chilli is big in size and you want less spices), a handful of coriander leaves and 2-3 cloves of garlic. Don’t forget to add salt as it helps in losing the bitter flavour you might get if you leave the paste lying around for a while.

Grind all together in a coffee grinder or dry grinder. You can add a little bhoona chana if your yogurt is too runny. You will have something like this after grinding.


Ok you can stop here and refrigerate or even freeze this paste if it is too much and you would like to season your yogurt only a little bit. The paste can be refrigerated for quite some days and also freezes beautifully.

Add the yogurt in the paste, some crushed black pepper (fresh is always good) and a little bit of cumin powder. Add salt to adjust taste.

green chutney

Add in a little water. Whisk and serve.


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